Thursday, June 28, 2007

more Sailors!

...a few more, as I can't attach more than 5 pics to a post -- and because there are just so damn many of 'em!! :-)

[2 lads enacting a scene for British bondage maestro Basil "Hussar" Clavering, an unknown model by Michael Denning, an unidentified stud undressing by Milo, Mike White (also by Milo), and Bruce of LA's Mel Bates as the quintessential sailor "rough trade" type.]


Anonymous said...

second pic from the top - the curly haired fellow with the sailor hat - I have seen him before with the name "Jimmy Dale" at the bottom of the pic

BBG said...

the last one is a real turn on! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A proper forest on the last boy.