Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't miss John Palatinus in Berlin!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,

I wanted to drop a quick line and thank you for being a big part of bringing the work of John Palatinus to limelight. I happened to be in Berlin on business the day I saw the ad for John’s show and I am so glad I stopped by. What a pleasure it was to meet you, Bob and John and to enjoy the drinks, conversations and, of course, John’s photography.

Alan, I also wanted to leave a comment on your blog and acknowledge something else (and I hope you won’t edit this ☺). You are the most modest man with the biggest genuine passion for the art of vintage beefcake photography that I have ever met. I was floored with the depth of your knowledge on various photographers of the past eras, techniques and background stories – and the entertaining way you shared all that. Sure, John Palatinus was (quite deserving) the star of that evening in Berlin, but I felt our table was the most interesting place there because of all the aforementioned. I hope you would seriously consider writing a book – better yet, series of books – and share all that wonderful material, stories and pictures with the rest of the world. Thank you for an amazing evening and look forward to crossing our paths again!

Igor (Vancouver, Canada)