Friday, June 3, 2011

Tom DeCarlo and Art Ullrich in motion!

The joys of the internet -- while searching for one thing, I found another...

This YouTube video (uploaded by KOK Magazine) is actually a compilation of two Zenith (aka Apollo) productions -- the solo DeCarlo pose flick "Cocktails" and the every-boy's-fantasy team-up of DeCarlo and Ullrich in "Day Dreams." A real rarity -- Art in a posing strap!

The sound is great -- physique films were silent back then -- but maybe there was a special case made and this is the actual soundtrack?

Tom was paid the astronomical sum of twenty dollars to pose in the sand dunes for Dick Fontaine's camera. I hope he upped the amount for the duo posing with Art.

Circa 1954, as the model release attests...

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bob said...

"This video has been removed by the user." ???

I don't understand why this statement pops up here, and on other blogs as well. It's frustrating. Is there a reason for this? Perhaps a limited time that you are permitted to use it in a post?

I'm just curious, and hope you can answer this. Thanks!