Wednesday, September 22, 2010

alan on the airwaves - WTF?!?

Very short notice (because I didn't read my emails for a couple of days) -- I have been invited to talk about John and his exhibit at The Chaps Bar in Liege, Belgium on the weekly "Pinkwave" radio show broadcast on 106.7FM Radio Centraal out of Antwerp! Crazy, huh? !!!!! I'll be interviewed by Kurt and Paul on Thursday, September 23, sometime in the last half hour of the program -- 9:30 PM in Belgium, or 12:30 PM Pacific Time.

If you should so choose, you can stream the show live by downloading the playlist link for your media player of choice at this page (I use VLC myself).

My first ever interview! (By phone, of course -- maybe someday I'll be able to visit Antwerp and Liege and all the other fun places in Belgium!) Wish me luck, fellas!

Update, September 23 Sorry gang -- I got a call at 12:15 that technical difficulties in the studio meant the interview couldn't happen. Oh well! Deze dingen gebeuren!

Make sure you go to The Chaps Bar this Saturday, now!

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