Thursday, August 26, 2010

unknown by Dave Martin

From a large file of unidentified Dave Martin pics I stumbled across a while back. I love the fact that this young stud was so obviously VERY EXCITED during his photo session! Martin's nudes are among the best ever taken, but his capturing this specific moment makes this one stand apart from even his other gems.

Especially for Stan -- thanks for the wonderful surprise! -- I dedicate this photo and today's other posts.


Anonymous said...

Truly remarkable, this is best appreciated in the larger format to fully appreciate that the indicia of his arousal is not limited to his erection.

Anonymous said...

The model's name is Tom Moore, and he was an athlete who played football and rugby. This according to a typed list of models made by Dave Martin to accompany his book of photos published by Janssen in 1996. The list was sent to a few interested people a year or two after the book appeared.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone had just been giving him head to get him so stimulated?

Anonymous said...

this model has got precum hanging

do note it