Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Macy Gray! - "Kissed It" and "Beauty in the World"

I went to see the new "Sex and the City 2" last week and amid the terrible commercials one is forced to sit through before the feature starts was one for the "Bravo" TV network -- an absolutely abysmal channel. HOWEVER! I was very happy to sit through it, as the song featured over the visuals was from the upcoming album "The Sellout" by Macy Gray!

Macy is one of those artists you either love or loathe -- her voice is definitely unique. Her first three albums were on constant rotation on my mp3 player when riding the subway and bus to work in the mid-00s. The new album comes out on June 22 and I will buying it the first day and loving it that night!

Here are two live performances of songs from the new album, "Kissed It" (the Bravo commercial song) and "Beauty in the World" -- taken from the British TV show "Later with Jools Holland."

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iain said...

didn't she seem to be zonked out of her head? her interview with jools certainly confirmed my view.