Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alan Brian by Spectrum

The wonderful WB shared this color slide scan with me about four years back -- from a series of fifteen that appeared on my old website. Good buddy Chuck followed up that posting a year later with some wonderful sleuthing that never made it online, until now. Better late than never, I hope?

I haven't visited your site in quite a while, Alan. I saw the update page containing photos of Alan Brian by Spectrum. For those interested, 'Alan Brian' first posed under the name 'Al Brijunas', which may be his birth name.

The cover of 'Tomorrow's Man', Vol. 1 No. 3, from March, 1953, features Al Brijunas in a photo credited to Irv Johnson.

'Tomorrow's Man', Vol. 1 No. 10, November, 1953, features Al Brijunas in a photo by Spectrum. This same photo will later be published as 'Alan Brian' by Spectrum and, in fact, is included on your website page. [attachment]

Cliff Oettinger also photographed Al Brijunas. An example of those photographs may be found in 'Tomorrow's Man', Vol. 2 No. 10, October, 1954, and 'Tomorrow's Man', Vol. 3 No. 1, January, 1955.


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful body.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that they were required to appear in posing straps, thus concealing their full natural beauty. Alas, the top photo at least reveals the contours of his genitals and the edges of his pubic hair; the bottom photo appears a bit unreal, as if the black pouch were painted on.

alan said...

You're right, the black "pouch" is painted on by the publisher -- pubic hair was an absolute no-no and steps had to be taken for publication!