Friday, July 18, 2008

Scotty Cunningham by Bruce of LA

We had a request in the CBox a while back for AMG's Steve Buono -- who is much better known as Bruce of LA's late-60s muse Scotty Cunningham.

Scotty was definitely sex on a stick -- a killer body, with a sometimes-goofy face, but so happy, confident, and out there! He's been a favorite of mine since I first got into this hobby oh-so-many years ago.

My favorite series of Scotty is when Bruce has him in a black knit cap, black t-shirt and black sox pulled half-way up his calves -- oh, baby! The first photo is a 5x7 that I actually own -- newly acquired from eBay -- it was a pose new to me and I just had to have it! So, I'll pay the bills next month... ;-)

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