Monday, March 31, 2008

Bill Cunny by Spartan

A new name to me -- it might also be "Conway" --?


vince said...

So you're the guy who outbid me on those Spartan photos on eBay last week! I wasn't happy that someone had written on them, but they are great images. Congratulations on scoring them. I'll have to keep an eye on your site. Great material.

alan said...

Hi Vince,

Please don't hate me, especially since I actually didn't win these photos -- I just copied them from eBay!

I haven't acquired any actual vintage photos in quite a while. But keep looking and bidding, buddy -- you never know how lucky you might be -- I once bid on and won two Spartan shots of Jack Harris for next to nothing! The fact that the seller, whoever he was, didn't give any kind of ID on the photo probably helped, but they were so obviously from a major player of the "golden age" that I can't believe no one else tried for them. They aren't in perfect shape, but I find them simply beautiful!

In fact, I think I'll post them now... :-)