Thursday, January 24, 2008

three shots from "Otoko" by Tamotsu Yato

Tamotsu Yato, born circa 1928, died 1973, left behind three important but virtually forgotten books of photography -- "Young Samurai: Bodybuilders of Japan" (1967), "Naked Festival: a photo essay" (1969) and his masterpiece, "Otoko: Photo-studies of the Young Japanese Male" (1972). While the first two books have a definite appeal with their barely-clad subjects, they are still rather straightforward presentations of their subjects. On the other hand, "Otoko" was very definitely the work of a gay man taking photographs meant to appeal to other gay men.

More to come from Mr. Yato soon...!


Tamotsu said...


Great to see Yato's artwork posted online! He was a wondeful photographer for sure!

I've actually started a Wikipedia article about him:

Please feel welcome to edit/expand it...

karinablacktie said...

I'll chip away at your 99% gay male audience by stating that I am a heterosexual woman who appreciates the beauty of Yato's work. It doesn't surprise me that many of the models are heterosexual. After all, they are models. These are not voyeuristic photographs; they are carefully crafted pieces of art which pay homage to the male body. Allow me to add, a very hunky male body.

Anonymous said...