Sunday, September 16, 2007

Buddy Basil -- Mr. New Jersey, 1960

Buddy Basil (his first name has been given as both James and John, so I'll just stick with Buddy!) had a competitive and modeling career stretching from 1955 into the early 1960s. Only one of my files has the photographer ID'd -- the December, 1955 cover of "Muscle Power" is credited to the mysterious "Togof." The portrait sure looks like it could be by Danny Fitzgerald (aka "Les Demi-Dieux"), who was, like Togof, a New York-based artist. A few more shots of Buddy can be found at the fun site Classic Bodybuilders of the Golden Age.

(That's Bob Hover sharing the April, 1957 cover of "Tomorrow's Man" with Buddy.)


Anonymous said...

I cannot seem to find much about Bob Hover. I just saw him on an episode of the 1950s Cheyenne, and he had a lot of personality. I was surprised that he never became a well known actor.

If you can post more biographical information about these old time bodybuilders and models, it would be nice. There is usually very little about them.

Anonymous said...

Where is buddy Basil today ... this is vitamin E. Or Rachel Welch ... where r u bud??? XXX OOO

Anonymous said...

Wheat. Germ .... I always loved that. Did you???? Where r u? ?????