Sunday, July 15, 2012

A note from Dennis Bell at AMG - Athletic Model Guild

About 12 hours left in our KickStarter Fundraiser, it ends tonight (Sunday July 15) at 9pm California Time!

Lets recap what we have all done together over the past month ... but before I do, remember our extra reward deal to reach our doubled goal and challenge grant of $16,000 -

“Add or update $26 to any existing or new pledge between July 12 through tonight and we’ll throw in Bob Mizer’s 1000 MODEL DIRECTORY! These are uncirculated stock copies published in 1957 - a true collector’s item.” They sell for $35 in the AMG store

And check out this wonderful message from France:

 I am writing from France. Congratulations on your initiative. The first time, on June 26, I gave $25. Today, for the last day, I am happy to give $100. 

I hope your project will be a great success. I was born in 1965 in France and I have not lived through that time but I am sure that today, life is easier for gays to live, thanks to the courage of many pioneers, for example, Bob Mizer, George Quaintance, and also Tom of Finland. 
 Thank you again.

Over the past month, our 79 backers (so far) have helped us raise just under $12,000 towards new storage materials for the massive photographic estate of photographer Bob Mizer. We’ve had pledges ranging from $1 to $5000, and every one of them is special to us. On June 25, with a large pledge from Bel Ami in Europe we soared past our initial goal, and kept going. On July 2, we received a challenge grant from another donor who was close to Bob ... if we can double our original goal and get $16,000 in pledges, they’ll tack on another large pledge!

We’re about $4000 away from that goal this morning ... can we do it in the next 12 hours!??

And here is some awesome press from the last 30 days!
 BelAmiOnline Donates $5,000 to the Bob Mizer Foundation

In the July 12, 2012 issue of the San Francisco Bay Times, I co-write with Mike Denison the cover story about Mizer's legal battles to photograph adult men - and how Mizer's work continues to influence commercial advertising and pop culture:
 (Bay Times has a great new flip-book online format, give it a minute to load)
 and the centerfold:

An article by Dennis appears on page 26 of the 2012 Gay Pride issue of the San Francisco Bay Times:

Article at Mike The Content Producer:

Article gone viral at online social network

And on XXFactor:

Article linked on

Article linked on

I can imagine Bob Mizer would be absolutely amazed at your support. Believe me, I have budgeted a small amount of your pledges to buy the man flowers for his grave in Los Angeles, flowers from all of you. You are an amazing, caring, wonderful group of people and you should be proud of yourselves. It is YOU that are preserving not only this important gay history, but what can be considered a unique facet of our country’s heritage as well. This estate is, after all, a piece of Americana.

Thanks, and look for more progress updates in the coming months on Kickstarter.

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